Top 10 B2B Price Optimization Tech Companies - 2018

Top 10 B2B Price Optimization Tech Companies - 2018

In the Business to Business (B2B) setting, the modeling of the demand as a function of price is essential. Each transaction is analyzed and priced individually. B2B is characterized by relatively smaller transaction volumes, with each transaction representing a much larger proportion of total revenue. However, it is very easy to go wrong with B2B price optimization as poor pricing practices can be detrimental to an organization and can go unnoticed for years. So it is essential that organizations get their pricing in order right out of the gate.

That being said, in today’s fast-paced world, price optimization solutions are getting much better, providing more intelligence to organizations’ sales teams, whom in turn can make better decisions while protecting their margins at the same time (a win-win). These solution providers will help customers price more effectively and capture additional revenue when market pricing goes up. They also help preserve any market share when there is a slump in pricing. Organizations can use these pricing tools to find new revenue streams and business models, based on usage. This will further help give them a better understanding of the market that they deal with and how their buyers place values on the products.

This edition of CIOReview brings you the “10 Most Promising B2B Price Optimization Solution Providers - 2018.” This list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled with their services and product portfolio in the B2B Price Optimization space. This list is aimed at bridging the gap between businesses and solution providers that are transforming business processes through their insights and technological prowess.

Company Name

Company Description

aPriori aPriori's product cost management platform provides early visibility to cost, consistency of costing practices across all members of the product team, and higher throughput of cost optimized parts
Apttus The B2B E-commerce enabled by Apttus’ CPQ solutions for manufacturers, delivers revenue generating digital experiences, along with reducing compliance risks in contract management
BCA Technologies BCA Technologies delivers CPQ cloud solutions that help companies grow profitable sales, increase efficiency, and forecast better
Beyond Pricing Beyond Pricing is an automated dynamic pricing solution that utilizes real-time market data to ensure our price recommendations maximize revenue and occupancy for the hosts
Digonex Technologies Odigonex's ur dynamic pricing solutions equip businesses to optimize pricing by detecting and responding to changes in demand
Intelligence Node Provides pricing, promotion, assortment, and compliance solutions for all e-commerce challenges
Navetti Navetti's software suites provide sustainable additional profits for customers by both optimizing prices and internal efficiencies
Nomis Solutions Nomis platform designs, operationalizes, and deliver personalized pricing and offers tp retail bankers around the world
OneBill Provides pricing strategy, usage rating, quote, order orchestration, billing & invoicing, subscription management, accounting & taxation compliance, recurring payments, partner management, provisioning and activation services
Zilliant Provides AI-based software and customer predictive analytics solutions that maximize customer lifetime value for global B2B enterprises